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From ME to YOU

Hello Beautiful people💜 (this is me trying to win your love back after disappearing on y'all) lame right ?? I'm sorry. I've been super busy trying to put everything in order (I'm steadily progressing) and i felt I needed time to figure out what i wanted or not. I was loosing interest in everything I… Continue reading From ME to YOU


17 People who made 2017 a 17 to REMEMBER 🎉

Heyy guys few days into the new year YaaaaaaaaaaY 🎉🎉 Currently listening to pound the alarm by Nicki Minaj 2017 has been one of my favourite years since my existence..It was more of a period of Self discovery filled with lots of adventures😂 . 2017 made me realize its not all about those youv'e known… Continue reading 17 People who made 2017 a 17 to REMEMBER 🎉