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From ME to YOU

Hello Beautiful people💜 (this is me trying to win your love back after disappearing on y'all) lame right ?? I'm sorry. I've been super busy trying to put everything in order (I'm steadily progressing) and i felt I needed time to figure out what i wanted or not. I was loosing interest in everything I… Continue reading From ME to YOU

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21…Sneak peak

Ayyy! Go shawty! Lol Currently listening to Icon by Jaden Smith I'm here again carrying you along my dramatic life. I know I'm not like regular, but I'm fine with it. Recently i turned 21 (BIG 21) YAAAAY. I'm really excited. I know you might be wondering what's up with her mood. You guys would… Continue reading 21…Sneak peak

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What I’ve been Up to Lately🔑 ||September

Currently listening to "Call the Man by Celine Dion" I'm sorry...I'm sorry😭😭😭😭 That's the only way i can probably start this post..I'm sorry for disappearing on y'all like that ..You didn't deserve it, Plus i missed this space so muchhhh. I guess I'm probably settling into Adult life and learning how to keep my life… Continue reading What I’ve been Up to Lately🔑 ||September