Hey guys, wondering where I've been? Right here😑.No excuses Writing this at few minutes past 2pm, This post wasn't planned, it just came in handy. It's Monday, while most people are busy at work and in school, I was feeling a little disappointed at the way things have been taking sad turns. But Nope, No,… Continue reading Naturenity

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From ME to YOU

Hello Beautiful people💜 (this is me trying to win your love back after disappearing on y'all) lame right ?? I'm sorry. I've been super busy trying to put everything in order (I'm steadily progressing) and i felt I needed time to figure out what i wanted or not. I was loosing interest in everything I… Continue reading From ME to YOU

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What I’ve been Up to Lately🔑 ||September

Currently listening to "Call the Man by Celine Dion" I'm sorry...I'm sorry😭😭😭😭 That's the only way i can probably start this post..I'm sorry for disappearing on y'all like that ..You didn't deserve it, Plus i missed this space so muchhhh. I guess I'm probably settling into Adult life and learning how to keep my life… Continue reading What I’ve been Up to Lately🔑 ||September


7 “chop chop” that will make you happy instantly

Yesss "chop chop" don't curr what your thoughts people, it's a new month again. September be lit or don't you think so? I mean it's starting with food😂😂 Happy Celebration to the Islamic community. So in the spirit of this celebration i decided to do a food related post just to keep you happy… Continue reading 7 “chop chop” that will make you happy instantly



Ayy...Hello People..Missed me?? I bet you did..I'm so sorry for disapperaing on y'all without a notice, It's just that a lot has being going on lately...I'm not going to bore you with the shenanigans we humans display on a regular...Anyways you forgive me right ?? Of course you should #BFFs. Todays post wasn't written by… Continue reading LOVE..


Who said Purple wasn’t the *New Black ” #WCW Keke Palmer

Today's post is something different from the regular..its more of an Appreciation post which I think I need to do more often. I find it really interesting and easy to write about people who inspire and motivate me. Because writing has become a little difficult these days😑😞 (I don't know why) So Keke Palmer is… Continue reading Who said Purple wasn’t the *New Black ” #WCW Keke Palmer