From ME to YOU

Hello Beautiful people💜 (this is me trying to win your love back after disappearing on y’all) lame right ?? I’m sorry.

Forgiven right ?

I’ve been super busy trying to put everything in order (I’m steadily progressing) and i felt I needed time to figure out what i wanted or not. I was loosing interest in everything I loved (it wasn’t nice). Writing became hard and boring😑, people became annoying and school was just one big chunk i had to bear (Happy to say I’m a GRADUATE now). So i took a time off to rediscover why I used to love the things I loved . I’m so thankful for my friends who kept asking about me and my blog💜.

So i can proudly say I’m back to serve you great contents, Spicy ones yunno 😂.

The blog would be taking a different dimension. I can wait to let you in on every step I will be taking and ofcourse i would be sharing my style from time to time (Do not laugh).

Life just got sweeter

Let me know what you would love to see from me. I’m open to collaborations suggestions and logical critics😂

One love always💜


Stay hydrated 🍸 (let’s just assume this is water)


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