Do’s and Dont’s (What the Society tells you)❕

Ayy Ayy Ayy (This is how I plan on greeting people this new year😂) Everyone has been saying be unique😕 So allow a girl who’s trying to be🙏


Guys I’m just trying to say HAPPY NEW YEAR Ayy Ayy Ayy. Thank God we made it and I’m really excited to live my life to the fullest. What about you guys? What would you like to do or achieve this new year? Hint me!

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This is my first post of the year and i decided to write something which I’ve been itching to write but didn’t know how to. but i figured this is a new year and people are all about their new year resolutions and the things they plan to achieve in 2018. This is definitely the best time to do this. Recently I’ve been thinking on why a lot of people shy away from their drive (passion) and until today or rather now I figured the society tells you what you should be and what you shouldn’t, what you should do and what you shouldn’t. (Sad story)

Our society actions and inactions affects us in ways that could either Mould those dreams or tear those dreams apart 😔 I detest when people use the whole nationality mentality to kill people’s dreams. They say stuffs like;

As someone from this region you shouldn’t dress like this, eat like this, walk like this or worse still sleep like this. Really ?

How far are we willing to go. You want to study Music and someone says “so this is all you can be after all the money your parents have spent. Are you my parents? Did you pay my fees?

Also, there is no motivation, a lot of wasted talents are lying everywhere all in the name of ” This is not right” i mean who are you to criticize the choice of others? We all have different drive and because they are not doing the same things as you are doesn’t make them a lesser package. Behind every decision is a story which you do not know and possibly cannot understand


Aside from the rules governing the society. The society has its own social laws which is being used wrongly. I want to be something and then i see the way the society speaks of it with ridicule and disdain. It’s really sad. How can we be innovative when the society thinks you’re up to no good. How can we be what we want to be when the people you expect to have faith in you lose faith in you.

It takes courage and diligence to be a Strong Person. no matter what you try to do the society has its ways of sneaking into those dreams to make crap out of them . Rather than supporting you They tell you Do this, this way, it’ s less revealing Say it like this, or we’ll crucify you. Do you think you can make it with this

DO’s and DON’Ts

This isn’t right

Burn the ills

Who are you to tell me not to fight for what I deem right

My dreams pile up like bills

Yet you tell me to not to be uptight

You cannot live it for me

You cannot be me for me

All I have is this dream you want to kill

All I can see is this deceit Pill

You’ve swallowed this dream to your fill

So please now can I be me

_Tracey Ubuane —————————————————————–

So guys no matter what it is you want or no matter who you want to be. Dream it…Fight for it…Believe in it. DARE YOURSELF!

Dear Youths,

Education is not a barrier to those dreams of yours. Your parents work hard to earn this money. Do them a favour of giving it your best shot. Everyone has a different success story, what works for another person might not work for you. Do not be fooled by the society and what you see in it. There’s more to it than you can possibly see. But in all things. Move..I repeat Move. .


Because you have all it takes to be it

I hope this new year brings you one step closer to those dreams you’ve planned out.

Do not forget to share your thoughts with me✊

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Stay Chilled and One Love💚


4 thoughts on “Do’s and Dont’s (What the Society tells you)❕

  1. estairfania

    Honestly I am really fed up with the petty talks of the society this, the society that. Because 90% of peoples dream crumbled because of words like “what will they say”

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  2. Imoletide

    We are used to chasing white collar jobs around here reasons there have been alot of unexpressed talents. But I believe parents/guardians are waking up from their slumber, they have realised there is more into sports, graphic designing, programming, public speaking e.t.c with high rate of success than just being the doctor and engineers. Your post solidifies this stand.

    Liked by 1 person

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