Chained to the Rhythm🎵

Chained to the rhyyhm

Dance to the discussion

Currently listening to “chained to the rhythm by Katy Perry”

Hey guys, you good right? November came through, “mehn” I cant believe its almost the end of the year. How far are have y’all gone in achieving the goals you planned this year? Mine has been roughly smooth, but its all good.

Chained to the rhythm! I wonder how people go a day without jamming up. whooops🙍 i can’t. I mean what is life without music. Waking up in the morning the first thing i reach for is my earpiece, i start my day with music and end it with music (i literally fall asleep while plugged in)

Music does the trick all the time, it sweeps you to a place of solitude. I remember the first time i listened to “Mirrors by Justin Timberlake” that was the best 8 minutes of my life☺.

Most times when people check my playlist they give me this “are you serious” look. I’m more of a lyrics person. I love great lines and sick mimes, I love when I’m able to pick a line or two from a song and put them into great use. Okay enough said

In other news…

1)Fast rising afro pop act with the BlackBoiMovement Imprint Val.Junior officially premiers his much anticipated hit single Late Night which enjoys an amazing production feed with credits to King Flame
While we await visuals to this melody, Val Junior puts out the single for downloads. Download, share and enjoy.

To download Late night click here👉

Late Night Prod. King Flame by VAL-JUNIOR on #SoundCloud click

Also follow Val.J on social media!

Twitter: @Val4real4 IG:BlackBoiMovement

2)Its finally out🔥🔥🔥😭🌶💔
Some lit heartbreak song…
Pls download and share❤🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
God bless…☺

To download Broken click here👉

Make Sure to thank me later.

Hey guys let me know your thoughts on Chained to the Rhythm. To know what my playlist is like. Leave a comment. Also are you more of a lyrics person or do you just listen to music for listening sake. Let me know also by leaving a comment. Feel free to join the conversation

Thank you for reading. Blessings

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