Heyy guys, Here I am☺..let me save those sorry words and apologies for later😑 but just so you should know I missed this space so much.

I thought about this post on Sunday while i sat in chapel. I wasn’t in a good mood already so rather than the normal chit chat i do with my friends alongside eating in church. I sat quietly and observed everything and everyone.

I noticed a lot of things that made me angry the more . I noticed how people drew attention to things that didn’t matter. I know looking good is good business and Sunday Chapel in Bowen University is a “gen gen” day but so what ??? What about people who do not have the means to look all Fabulous like you do. What about people you classify as the wrong body size/shape ? Does that make them a lesser package?? Can’t they be referred to as blessings ??

What drew my attention to this was when a Male Usher passed by and a guy seated in the roll next to mine signaled a friend of his who sat directly in front of me to the Usher’s shoe and they both started laughing. I looked down at the usher’s shoe and saw nothing wrong with it. I wondered what they found funny about his shoes😑. I looked at their shoes and i was like “Ohh you think yours is better” I was so mad, OMG i felt like giving them a dirty slap but for Christ’s sake and for Sanity purpose i kept my cool . I mean the Usher guy did nothing bad, he was wearing what he owned.

My point is people are different, appearance is nothing but a facade to please the physical eye.


They did not have the luxury you were exposed too. The fact that they did not have the privilege doesn’t mean they are Underprivileged.

STOP SHAMING OTHERS❎❎❎ All fingers are not equal✊✋


Body Shape/ Size is not a barrier

Skin Colour is nothing

Not because you think you have it all ( of which you do not) gives you the right to be the judge of other people’s life.

The fact that they did something bad does not give you the guarantee to paint them black. You’ve only heard about them, you don’t know them.

STOP SHAMING OTHERS ! STOP IT ! I’m talking to you, you, you and only you👉👉👉

There's no one less human

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8 thoughts on “STOP SHAMING OTHERS!🚫❎

  1. Tuti

    true dear that some ppl’s mentality… is in our society so we just have to over look those mentality in order for it not to way us down in our dreams

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  2. I totally love this factual write up. In all we should bear in mind that people will surely talk but we should select what we want to hear and make ourselves unshakable. No one can move you unless you choose to be moved. Keep your head high cause you have a goal and the world looks up to you. You are amazing just the way you are so don’t give anyone the chance to talk you down. I drop my pen🙌

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