What I’ve been Up to Lately🔑 ||September

You can't see me

Currently listening to “Call the Man by Celine Dion”

I’m sorry…I’m sorry😭😭😭😭

That’s the only way i can probably start this post..I’m sorry for disappearing on y’all like that ..You didn’t deserve it, Plus i missed this space so muchhhh. I guess I’m probably settling into Adult life and learning how to keep my life in order and setting my priorities straight and right. Wheeew!😮 (I know i sound very matured😂😂).

Since i missed out on September’s edition of “Currently I am “To read the previous month’s own click here https://traceyeverydayblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/19/currently-i-am/

Since its the end of the month already..Here’s a quick run down of what I’ve been up to 🔜🔜👇


a lot of casuals…Intern life finally over..Thank God


Fish and Fish and Fishes😂.. I’ve gotten fatter..Need to hit the gym.


To start earning money for myself to take care of my needs…Yunno all our wishes can’t be granted by our parents..If you have a job..Please contact me.


About resuming school..Like life in final year is meant to be exciting..But err..I’m not quite certain that’s why I’m still home even when school is on (you can call me a bad ass something.. 😂)


My same old wish about reading other people’s mind to know what they feel about me so I’ll know if I’m sticking with you or kicking your butts.


How to play tricks on people😂😂..Wait i know this sounds creepy but I’ve been enjoying it..Like people keep throwing guesses on who exactly i am..Well i am….who knows??


On starting fashion blogging (don’t say anything..I’m the only one allowed to laugh) 😂Thats all I’m telling you now.


By Fashion bloggers..I love them My God😭..Also been receiving lots of inspiration from people who are so committed to their work. They make me want to go the extra mile. Thank You.


The people who made this Summer awesome🎉🎉..This is literally my best summer ever. Thank you for making me feel my ribs again..Mehn i had the best laugh this summer.😂


About the fact that in less than a year ill be done with College (In Nigeria its called UNIVERSITY). Its a feeling of Ecstasy. As if my head would explode from reading school books


Yes oo..Snapchat and me isssa bloodline. You can add me up.@traceyeveryday


On Steven Onoja. You know when someone just gives you Goosebumps that makes your heart and Soul to start a journey of no return. That’s what he does. I love his Guts, Confidence, vintage style (take me back old school boy boy). The way he talks like(poetic License issa 💯).He’s just too good. I could sleep on his website. That’s home. Enough Said!


Buwa’s Amala..My God I miss it.


By people who act like they know it all..You don’t know Nothing..Excuse me. Stop getting in my way.


Nothing..I’ve cried, F**ked Up, did bad, received bad😂..But i regret nothing. i mean I’m human. You would be really jobless to count how many times i did wrong or fell. I own my scars and I love them.


You cant have it all and Be all..So i learnt how to appreciate the perfection in my Imperfection.


for the mistakes that turned into perfections..the wrongs that became right..the guilt that proved my innocence and the laughter that never ceased from my lips..

So hey guys..Wanna let me in on what you did/learnt in September??

Feel free to join the conversation.

Or is there anything you want to see in my next post..Let me know by leaving a comment.

Thank you for reading

Happy New Month in advance😊😊

You know right??


6 thoughts on “What I’ve been Up to Lately🔑 ||September

  1. estairfania

    Yes girl lovely post,
    First and for most, where do you get these “despicable me”pictures and it suits so well.
    secondly, you have been eating lots of fish yeah?is that what is making you fat?
    Lastly,I hope I am one of the fashion bloggers inspiring you to become a fashion blogger.😉

    http://www.stephanystephany.blog spot.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Traceyeveryday

      Yes Babe
      You’re one of them..You’re already a Bad Ass😍😍
      I think its the handiwork of the fish😭😭..
      Plus the pictures are gotten from Google Images
      Thank you girl

      Liked by 1 person

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