Do More ||Be More ||Just a little bit more

PS; this is me in the picture

Happy Sunday everyday people, Church was awesome. I hope you went to church. So guys there’s no dream too big for you and there’s no dream to far for your reach if you believe. Yes Believe, Believe in yourself and what you can achieve. If you dream it…HELL YEAH! you can do it.

To be more, you definitely have to do more,don’t just expect everything to just fall into place. Life is not a fairy tale and even if it were, fairy tales do have struggles too☺.

Do you ever feel like a failure at times?😢
life could be a little bit messy…i know

You know, when i was in Jss3 (precisely Step Up to Ss1) during the mass of our graduation the homily touched me so much and it’s something I’ve been holding on to for years. The priest said precisely “just a little bit more” A little bit more to success, A little bit more to everything in life. There are times we get really confused about what we want or what we would achieve in life and everything becomes blurry …Don’t give up just yet..just do a little bit more and you’ll be more.

I legit didn’t understand that statement “a little bit more” because there were times i fell so hard like hitting rock bottom😑 and i kept wondering if there was God or if people lied about getting back up after falling. I would say i was a failure to myself so many times and i would cry bitterly in my heart so no one would see that i was weak😢. It was really bad that i started making lots of wrong decisions that made my past seem so much like a catastrophe..Yes! I did what i felt was what i needed to do, Lies, Fake living and happiness was the other of the day😩. I didn’t still understand that statement until i started owing up to my mistakes and taking responsibility without giving excuses or justifying them. That was the first big step.

So what am i saying don’t give up, Its just a little bit more, a little bit more might seem impossible and hard, but please don’t give up, just keep pushing. Push Harder! It make take some time before you get your desired result, just be patient. The struggle you’re currently facing would be worth it. There’s no world without you and that’s why God created you because he knows your worth. You are divine, brewed with Valour and Confidence so don’t act less. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Just do more, A little bit more and you’ll be more. That i promise.

Thank you for reading, I hope i was able to say something really Feel free to join the conversation by sharing your thoughts with me. Leave a comment and let’s relate.

Have a winding week😂

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11 thoughts on “Do More ||Be More ||Just a little bit more

  1. /LIGHT/

    You can’t imagine how many people need this right now, many are going through alot of things especially in this country Nigeria,I am really glad you thought of this and I hope many people as people as possible sees this and “just do more,a little bit of more…”

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