7 “chop chop” that will make you happy instantly

Look at my big smile

Yesss “chop chop” don’t curr what your thoughts are..lol..Hello people, it’s a new month again. September be lit or don’t you think so? I mean it’s starting with food😂😂 Happy Celebration to the Islamic community.

So in the spirit of this celebration i decided to do a food related post just to keep you happy (yunno i 💙 You). If you’re reading this and you don’t have a Muslim friend well, not to worry you’ll still eat and be happy. That’s why I’m always here for you (buddies for life)

Just because you are sad about something does not mean you should be entirely sad. Also, I’ve learnt that food does the trick. So here’s a new trick to staying happy all the time..if you’re feeling sad about anything just jump on food at least food doesn’t hold a grudge. But be careful about what you eat.

So as a result of the love i have for you, below are 7 “chop chop” that will make you happy instantly.

1) Chicken:Yass, chicken..chicken..lol. One sexy chop that’s always here for you. You forget your problems when you eat chicken #thatiknow.

2) Ice cream;

You know when i was wayy younger I never understood why anytime i watched American movies and a girl was heart broken she would just jump on ice cream and start crying😏. I was always like what will ice cream do?Well i finally understood now IT IS THE BEST!! it melts your problems away before you become settled to start thinking of how to solve it yet.

3) Pizza:

Pizza! This chop would work a lot for you. Especially when it’s just served. You would always be happy when you eat pizza. #magicchop

4) Chocolates:This chop does enough happy wonders. I know you can testify 😝 Chocolates are mood switchers. Jump on it when you’re sad and you’ll be alright. (I didn’t say you should be over eating it ooo,)

5) Rice:

Bowenites join me and sing

Rice rice rice

In the morning i eat rice

In the afternoon I eat rice

In the night i eat rice

Rice rice rice (2x)

Rice as snack

Rice as drink

Rice rice rice

Raise your hand if you love Rice🙋

Lol Most people have rice as their best food. Rice would make you happy especially party rice😎.

6) Fish:

Another of my favourite..Fish over chicken🙆. Fish would make you happy especially when its grilled. Trust me its a happy food.

7) Corn:

We save the best for the last..I always tell people that eating corn gives me so much joy that words can’t explain. I don’t know about you but I get really excited whenever i know I’m going to eat it. You are free to laugh but I’m serious. Whenever its out of season i get sad as i wait in anticipation for the next season.

So how was it ? Do you like? You can share if you want. Also if you have any chop chop that you think deserves to make it to this list, let me know by leaving a comment.

Stay winded people and Happy New Month..thank you for reading.


8 thoughts on “7 “chop chop” that will make you happy instantly

  1. /LIGHT/

    Miss Chop Chop, happy new month!! Went through the list and realised my almighty ‘dodo’ isn’t listed,like seriously,this is a ‘jailable’ offence….am glad fish is there tho. Looking forward to other chop chop lists!


    1. Traceyeveryday

      Haa Plantain..but how could I forget😭
      Sorry bruh I promise it’ll make the next.. Thank you for stopping by


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