Social Acceptance..Bitter|Sweet

Hello people..How’s your Tuesday going? Mine is going err normal. I’m off work today so currently I’m having my alone time. Do you know what alone time is ? Well according to me it’s that period you get to be with yourself without being disturbed by anyone. I love my alone time because that’s the time i get to think deeply about a lot of things by scrapping a lot of negative vibes and allowing postivity✔

This post came in handy a couple of days ago but trust me i was still thinking of how best to present it so i wouldn’t seem harsh or something. I’ve written something close to this before but i seriously still felt the need to say more because a lot of originality has been buried deep. But really do you ever feel like you’re not good enough for the eyes of people..i mean the likes of him/her ? Do you ever feel like you’re not a 💯 ? Or you don’t have the perfect looks to go for something you want because you’re not sure people would like you and accept you. So you decide to go with the trends and be what you’re not just so people would love, respect and accept you. Yes! I was a victim and I felt that way so many times and i still do at times. Its normal to feel that way, we have blood running through our veins so it’s okay to feel lesser than a 💯 at times. But the question is how far are you willing to go to make people accept you ? Are you ready to lose your originality for people who do not matter and whose opinion doesn’t count.

People would always talk that’s what you should understand, they would always compare you with others they think are better than you. The truth is there’s no one better than you..YOU ARE YOU and that is your strongest point. There can never be another you in existence so love yourself. Social acceptance is not the definition of you rather its the peoples definition of who you are.

Social acceptance is bitter sweet. It could be really exciting because people would love you for the person you say you are and act that you are .you’ll be on the popular sites where you always wished to be. You’ll be all over. But it all comes down to that person you really are. That person you’ve locked up in your thirst for social acceptance. Make the right choices Be you and the world will adjust. The worst thing that could ever happen to you in life is losing yourself while trying to gain others. You don’t know how much you can offer until you give it a try. People won’t care about you at the beginning but trust me it’ll be worth the journey of Self discovery. Like they say “those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter

So ask yourself over and over again is it worth it ? Are you ready to trade yourself for these silly things ? No you’re not.

Thank you guys for reading. You can ask questions and I’ll be swift enough to reply you.


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