Currently I am…|| August

Heyy did your week go..well mine was extraordinarily tiring… I mean going to work (story for another day) and doing other stuffs alongside trying to deal with life and the freebies it brings could be really burdening, I hope i don’t break down😖. Also in other news…sighs* I’m really sad about summer coming to an end. I didn’t really do much this summer as i expected or planned too..I hope i get a second chance though. Enough said!

So here’s a new segment I’m introducing on my blog.. “Currently I Am” I’m not going to start talking on what it is all’ll know while reading. Also its going to be a monthly thingy..

Currently I am

Eating:Rice and stew with beef

Wishing: I was capable of reading people’s mind to know what they think about about me.

Loving: myself more than i ever did before. You can’t mean a lot to someone else if you don’t mean a lot to yourself.

Wearing: a lot of corporate clothes #lifeofanintern. Although that’s what i wear in school #bowenite but this is summer it could be really heart breaking. I literally don’t have any other clothes except corporate wears now😖.

Appreciating: My friends and those who have sticked by me all these years despite knowing my many flaws and imperfections..You guys are the real Mvps.

Excited: about being in my final year. Please i can’t wait to graduate. School books are bothersome.

Determined: to make the best out of myself by leaving my comfort and lazy zone (finally).

Admiring: Keke Palmer, Alicia keys and also myself.

Crushing: on Jason Derulo, and Patoranking. (I’ve taken both of them to my world of fantasy😂😂)

Feeling: all the feelings that could ever been in existence (its all mixed up and its choking me. SOMEBODY HELP!)

Reading: all the Me’s in Me. It’s like a hundred of me in one me. So I’m trying to throw some me away that are not useful and that’s why i have to read them one by one so i wont throw the good in me away ( you don’t understand i know😊).

Anticipating:my 25 days fitness plan..(don’t laugh I’m just trying to be fit..that’s all)

Planning: to widen my knowledge and also expand my blog. I’m also planning to introduce a new campus and lifestyle show.

Regretting: the past (we all do)😞 and also biting my nails..because now they are as short as i am😱.

Unsure: about my 25 days fitness plan and opening up to people.

Irritated:by people who like to do “oversabi” and “i too know” just so you should know.. you don’t know anything😒

Craving: Buwa’s Amala😭😫 (that’s the only reason why i miss school.

Inspired: by my mum..she is the strongest woman I’ve ever seen.

Listening: to a lot of blues and Latino songs. Those soulful songs that puts you on an edge and gets you on cloud 9ine hehe.

Thankful: for the mistakes that turned into perfections..the wrongs that became right..the guilt that proved my innocence and the laughter that never ceased from my lips..

So guys I’ll be glad to know what you are currently up to by leaving a comment..and if there’s anything you would like me to share in my next post, let me know by dropping your comments..thank y’all for reading.I 💛YOU


5 thoughts on “Currently I am…|| August

  1. Opeyemi

    Currently I am
    Wearing:lots of casuals👖👕
    Lazying around:cause of this strike🙊
    Not:reading my books,even though I know exams would start immediately the strike is over😖
    Having:boy issues as usual,not so complicated tho🙌
    Still in love:with my bestest friend💏

    I know mine isn’t as good as yours,but its something😊


  2. I am currently
    Eating: nothing
    Wearing: a purple top and bum short
    Excited: my IT will soon be over
    Disappointed: that summer would soon be over
    Loving: Everyone that shows me love.
    Feeling: lazy and bored
    I guess that’s all for now 😁..
    Tracey, I enjoyed reading your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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