The feeling that comes with the weekend..

Hey guys..I’m really excited today..I can perceive food…Yaay…I 💙 the biggest news is “TODAY IS MOMMA’S BIRTHDAY” and I’m super happy because she is the love of my life..I could go on saying so much but Enough said!!

Wait a sec guys..did i tell you i am an introvert? Well sadly I am😞..But just so you should know not all Introverts are introverts😀..We’ve got guts too and we run things..hehe. However I’m working on it..I’ll let you know as it gets better. So i decided to do a little talk talk talk on me..I’ll be letting you in on ten things i do better than most people..Yes..My Strong 10


I can imagine your thoughts..Yes i laugh a lot infact so hard that i fall at times or nearly pee in my pants..We only live once so abeg let me just laugh.

2. Fake Sleeping…

Yes i do this a friends and family say i sleep a lot..But No Sir!! I’m only pretending to be asleep most times.i’ll rather do that than go on errands or be forced to listen to you

3. Minding my business

Like i said I’m an introvert..i hate butting into others life..I have my own problems to deal with. Aside things of general interest or my friends i’ll rather keep quiet..i believe we’ve all attained a level of maturity to know what we are doing no matter how young we might be.


Food..the only thing that got your back..Yes i eat a lot but not like a lot lot (yunno) food over some people or some things anyday.


If only you could search my’ll be shocked at the things i think about or the things i wish i was or were or would be..My mind is a crazy place to wander around..No wonder nothing is always really new because I’ve thought about them a 100times..So Don’t talk to me about your reality, take it far from me..if we don’t reason together we cant relate #likemindsrolltogether.

6.Trouble Making

No faults of mine..Seriously if i disturb or annoy you its prolly because i like you..Don’t get it twisted i might be annoying but that’s how I see everyone..Did i tell you when i was in Secondary school I and a friend called Tomisin formed “TMS” guess what that means “TROUBLE MAKERS SOCIETY” 😂😂.I miss those days mehn we would disturb and annoy a lot of people and they kept calling me “Edo Witch”😂😂😂😂. Okay, bye.

7. Writing

This is my strongest point..this helps me a lot on days when it gets really dark and cold and it all seem like there’s no hope..I write and it all gets better..On days when everything is bright i write and feel happier..this is a part of me i hope never gets extinct.

8.Running away from problems

This is bad i know..i do it a lot..infact better than most people because I’m indecisive and i avoid taking risks..i’m working on it though..but its still part of what i do better than most people.

9.Being Sarcastic…

I’m not proud oo..But i speak fluent sarcasm..Don’t get me wrong that is my own way of telling the truth (and the truth is something I’m bad at saying).being sarcastic is my escape plan and trust me it works.

10. Talk Talk Talk…

In as much as i am an introvert i love talking..i talk better than most Sanguine especially when it comes to things i love..They say Silence was given to us to conceal our thoughts and Speech is Silver and Silence is Golden…But i choose Silver over Gold. I publicize the right to act as you want and not as you should there’s a difference between both.

So guys this is my strong 10…Do you want to share yours or do you have anything to say about mine..Let me know by dropping a comment..Thank you.


3 thoughts on “MY STRONG 10

  1. Keep me unnamed

    I can soo relate.
    This is a really nice one and I do not understand why it doesn’t have more readers than it does now..
    Keep on being you.

    Liked by 1 person

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