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Todays post wasn’t written by me but a silly friend of mine who writes once in a blue,,but please dig on’ll be worth the read I promise..Its long i know, but i purposely didn’t edit it aside inserting the pictures..It’s really clean and very expressive..

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Hi guys, I’m Oba and I’m not really a writer it’s just what I do once in a very blue moon. Umm I was compelled to write on the broadest and most delicate topic I’ve ever come across in my entire life. This topic I’m referring to is ‘Love’. Basically all of what I’ll be saying in this would be my personal view on situations surrounding it .

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First of all what is love ? According to the dictionary I was able to come across, Love is a strong affection, it is a profound and caring affection towards someone. It is a profound feeling of TRUST and security towards a person or a deity. To me, love is the basis of life, it’s the reason we all are alive today. Love is more than the case where a guy meets this girl and wants her in his life without knowing who she is or anything about her, love is more than the regular ”if you love me, prove it ” and then you both do what the proof was actually aimed at and that’s the end. Your love ends the moment you’re done ”so called” proving it.

Well that’s enough on the introduction, lets narrow this down to the relationships we see in current times and how our interpretations lead to success of these relationships and failures of others. Relationships nowadays don’t focus on love, they are mostly based on lust and infatuations and satisfaction of desires of the heart. If for any reasons we could settle down to get to know ourselves more before jumping into relationships we could reduce the rate of heart breaks and divorce cases that fly around the world now.

You meet a girl at a club, that night you have a one night stand, in two weeks you are dating and don’t expect a heart break? It’s obviously bound to happen, because with time you would get to have an idea of what the other person has to offer and then decide if the other party can tolerate your character for who you truly are and you accept her for who she is, with all the character flaws, that’s where love comes into that relationship. When you maintain the same emotional connection with a person after discovering all the person has to offer that’s love. But the action of just sex ?that’s not love, that’s lust, that’s just short lasting joy. You would claim love but what happens when you are not having sex, what happens if you have to travel, would you feel the same way? would you get another guy or girl to replace your partner when he or she isn’t around ?

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Relationships based on true love may have trying times but they do not bring about destruction to the heart or the whole body, if I’m in a relationship based on love and my girlfriend annoys me , i’ll not have a problem telling her what she did wrong. I’ll not have to go around telling my friends this girl has done this, she has done that, I’ll be able to confront her and we settle amicably between us and that would prevent a heart break. This is what I believe, if a guy has to tell his friends what goes on in his relationship fully, he doesn’t love his girl, she’s just there for the time being and would be replaced when she finds out and leaves.

Getting into the right relationship may seem stressful but it isn’t so hard, you see a girl you like, you see that handsome guy and wish he is in your life, how do you judge to know if he is right for you? The other day I listened to Nathaniel Bassey speak a little on relationships, basically what he said was that you have to pray!!! no man can fully know another no matter how close you get, there would still be some hidden facts about each individual, God alone knows all so ask him first for guidance.

For instance you have gotten into a relationship and it’s not working out fine, the guy or girl you love is cheating, he doesn’t act like he cares, he beats you up, she’s always nagging, nothing you do makes him or her happy apart from sex, I have a small advice for you, RUN AWAY the saying goes something like ‘you can only celebrate life when you are alive’, you cannot claim love and let that kill you eventually you would be mourned for just a day and work would go on for those alive . Choose life! Don’t be obsessed or allow the Stockholm syndrome destroy you move away before you start finding excuses to give for the persons bad actions to you

Heartbreaks come up when there was a misconception to the definition of love or the basis of the relationship. Getting into a relationship just so you can say you are in one or to feel among when you are with your friends is wrong and we don’t deserve that. No one deserves to be treated that way and when that happens, the relationship won’t last in peace, trouble would strike from different areas. Relationships aren’t just I like you and you like me and we start dating and wasting precious time of our lives given to us by God. You need to know why you go into this things, do you feel you need a companion, do you need someone to help build your life, do you need someone to count on when you get let down by the society? Why do you want a relationship is the first question that has to be correctly answered before jumping into any relationship. When you fail that question there would be no goals, you could meet someone who would pull you down instead of raising you up or supporting you. And when this happens the girls begin to say all men are scum, what do you expect when you blindly walked into the arms of the wrong man, then the dude starts calling her a hoe. This is wrong. You need to define your reason..the reason why you need to be in a relationship.

So I think I got lost in my writing but this is my very little advice to all of you that wish to be in relationships and claim to be in love. Understanding is key, you have to know what love means before you walk into any relationship. You must ensure not to have misconceptions of any kind when attempting to love. Ask yourself and be clear before taking the next step. Do i need this, do i want to be accountable to someone, because accountability is what trust is built on, and without this there would be no trust, no relationship can successfully last when there is no trust. Some people may say why are you adding the GOD factor, well growing up thought me that God is love. And to love rightly He has to be involved in a hundred percent.

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It was a great read right..Thank you so much for reading, and remember to tell a friend to tell another..Also if you wish to get more write-ups from Oba just let me know and I’ll be willing to be the middleman. I Love You. BYE


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