Who said Purple wasn’t the *New Black ” #WCW Keke Palmer

I love the haaiiiirrrrr somebody

Today’s post is something different from the regular..its more of an Appreciation post which I think I need to do more often. I find it really interesting and easy to write about people who inspire and motivate me. Because writing has become a little difficult these days😑😞 (I don’t know why)

So Keke Palmer is currently number one on my list of Woman crushes..There’s so much to say about her.But I wouldn’t be saying much

Lauren Keyana Palmer was born August 26th 1993 which makes her 23 presently. That’s all I’ll be saying, I mean y’all know about “Akeelah and the Bee” if you don’t..What ??? Go look it up!!Enough said

Recently she posted some pictures on her IG page @keke of her new look..I mean this purple hair thingy

Please teach me your ways

Maybe it’s because she is the one who has it on because I can’t seem to place the connection between the hair and me😂😂 (I’m serious mehn..no jokes) But this hair is definitely a 💯💯💯💯


She a lil’ street but she so suhweet

Just so you should know..this hair inspired something you’ll be seeing in my next post (Not the next one ooo But one of the nexties😂)

Y’all should listen to her latest jam “WindUp” its a crazy one people..

I’ll like to share something she shared also that struck me in a way I still can’t interprete ..Here it goes

Call me old school but I need you to try without knowing the outcome. If you want me, wind up then, show me something new. If you’re half assed in pursuit well, I already know everything I need to know!  You’re lazy and have know persistence when it comes to something you want in life. Trying doesn’t equal winning, but it does equal confidence in character. If you don’t have that, you definitely can’t have me .” #keke


Wind up people..have a winding Wednesday😂😂

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3 thoughts on “Who said Purple wasn’t the *New Black ” #WCW Keke Palmer

  1. Kayode Imoleayo(LIGHT)

    Ohhhh Palmer…how so someone did change or was it just a character?. I think I love the ‘new’ her especially the one she portrayed in her song,the hair showed she has rise above the world,doesn’t fear to dabble in unforseen terrain. And for her words,I think some people aren’t lazy,just don’t want to waste their time pursuing what may never be,so they back out and stop.


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