Let Your Inner mind Speak..


Impulses running through my nerves

Ideas finding it’s way into my mind

Pages flipping through my heart

People getting away with what they want

Faces looking so plain

Farce…So hard to believe

They say Speech is silver and Silence is golden

However I choose Silver over Gold

I publicize the right to be who you are and what you want

Not who you should be or what others make of you

I publicize the freedom of the inner mind

That part of you that makes you believe so much in yourself

That part of us that reflects our actions and inactions in our course for perfection

That part of us that is responsible for our success and failure

That part of us that makes us rise when we fall

The part of us that makes us fall in love hopelessly

This part of us is not destructive rather it curbs the destructive nature of man

It is the voice of the voiceless

The hope of the hopeless

Respect the inner mind

Let the inner mind speak

Most times we often get so choosy about what should be done or not..I see no reason why we should be forced to take sides or cross paths we never have in mind..We should be all we want and so much more..let people say what they want but never..never..ever..ever..be what they want..what happened to doing you? What happens to all your dreams ? What happens to the little words of encouragement and confidence you give yourself late at night when no one can hear you.

Let your inner mind speak..Don’t live in the shadows of your thoughts.. Let the world know you are so much more than what you seem like. it’s not a crime to please yourself but never do so at the expense of others..Don’t use the weaknesses of others to ruin them.. Listen to that little voice down there..The voice that tells you how beautiful and smart you are..Marry that voice..Make it your whole..Live on it..It never lies..It is your strongest point..Your Ace..Your pickup when you fall..It is your inner moonlight

Be sure to let it shine

Thank you people.. Please drop your comments if you have something to say or add..Don’t be shy

9:49pm ..in a place called Home


Leave a comment..share your thoughts with me

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