My NEW TREND.. hehe

Don't worry you don't need to know
I’m stupidly amazing😲😂😂😂💜💜💜

Note: This is no fault of just happened.. I Swear..I’m serious

So exams are over and I’m currently on my way home..with my ears plugged in while I listen to nothing😂😂..

This post is all about me so enjoy

Last week Sunday was the last Sunday in 300level..I’m really happy to let y’all know I’m a finalist now👏

I’m sure you know what that means

I took this picture in high spirits with my bunkmate✌

With my baked face I went to church and danced my soul out ( that’s a lie.. I’m a bad dancer).. I was so happy ehn to the point that I attained maximum happylicity😕.

On getting back to my hostel I had the morale to take pictures but you know that point when you personality mood snaps and you start feeling so beautiful and fly like the likes of Alicia and Riri😂😂well that was what happened to me.. But I wanted more (Oliver Twist) so I decided to wear my bunkie’s wig to complement my looks since I had not made my hair

Aa a girl before wearing a wig you’re meant to tuck in your hair ( your natutal hair) which I thought I I kept taking and bending my neck for a perfect selfie😑 but what I don’t understand is how my hair managed to sneak it’s way out of the wig..

So as usual after taking the pictures I was going through them to see which to post as well as admiring one of the pearls God created (ME)..Just to find my hair showing 😵😵😵😨😨😨I screamed..I was really angry at first until I realized everything cannot be the same😜😜 something had to be different to cause commotion . and that’s what I called it my trend although its not so obvious its really cool

In the imperfection of my hair.. I found my perfection

Since I’m proud of it I’ll show you more pictures but before I do if you’ve ever being in a wrong-right situation.feel free to tell me and let’s laugh okk????😊

Add up on Snapchat @traceytein

Tck tck tck tck tck……

I know right

Unknown destination. 3:28pm


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