“I’ll be worried if they said nothing”

I’m someone who values the little things you do rather than those things people would classify as extraordinary. I’m just sentimentally weird..or rather my mind is a deep weird place to wander around.

Is it just me or do you ever get worried when you do or say something and you anticipate on a feedback that never happens.😕

Normally I’ll say “oh..okay..it’s cool” or it’s fine” But NO IT’S NOT OKAY ,don’t believe me when I say that (at least not all the time) Because I’m human..I’m allowed to worry.

Here’s a list of those times I got worried ( not all but major)

* When I was to go out with my brothers and after baking my face (without brows😂) and I walked into their room and they just acted all normal like I was a ghost..I WAS PISSED

* When someone I held so dear to me heart just went haywire with me..I WAS BROKEN

* After walking an extra mile with a friend (literally not walking walking per say) and he walked out right on me..I WAS STUNNED AND ANGRY

* Sitting side by side with my crush and he sat there saying nothing but just staring (God! I was literally praying to disappear)

* I’m not a good cook but when I cook I do it with all of my heart to make it palatable.. But then after cooking this day (Ogbono soup to be specific..Yes I’m an Edo girl..thank me later😂) My mum just looked at me and looked back at the soup and continued eating.every other person complimented but my mum ignored (I was worried sick that I had to go back to the kitchen and put the soup I had just removed from the cooker back to cook again😑.. Imagine)

But really I honestly don’t care about the feedbacks..just tell me thank you..that’s all and you’ll be the love of my life💜💜💜
Have you ever been worried ??

Do you want to share??

Please do

Bowen University. 05:03pm


4 thoughts on ““I’ll be worried if they said nothing”

  1. ope

    I got worried when I had already bragged about how good I was in making jollof spaghetti to my sister and when she ate it,she didn’t left mer cook the same for her husband

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