Indecisiveness… Ruins

Pardon me y’all.. Been off for a while,well this was due to the shenanigans I was experiencing (School & Personal life) and a little bit of bloggers block and a pinch of my Lazy attitude which I find very amusing but not soooo amusing🙍..Anyways I’m a victim of this topic because it’s been lying in my journal for a long time and I figured if I had to deal with it I had to write it..!!Enough said

Everyone gets confused at certain points in there life unlike me, I get confused at every  point which is totally inhuman I guess🙅

Yes/No, Should I/Shouldn’t I, Stay/Leave, Listen/ about more situations were you find yourself sitting on the fence..This is definitely one of the aches of being human😌🙍. It could be in our Job (I call this daily hustle because I don’t have one😂😂), Our relationship with people(Major), Family, Academics (strong point), Clothes(I’m a sucker), Food ( dunno how indecision managed its way to sneak into what we eat and has refused to leave😶)..However what we fail to realize is that our happiness is based on the decisions we make.majority of us make decisions that causes more harm than good and we are left with scars rather than pleasant memories..

Talking about what being indecisive would cost you.. For every decision we make there is a cost.. Its either you gain or lose..This also applies to being indecisive, the time you would waste all in the name of thinking to make a perfect decision would cost you a lot of opportunities..You could miss out on a lot of things just because its taking you so long to decide.. You can’t tell how much your indecisiveness might be eluding from you until it dries you all up to the point were you feel emaciated, weak and even find everything around you depressing and you being to wonder if your third eye is useless and out of place.

Most people feel its better of not to make a decision than to make a terrible one but trust me “time waits for no  one“..So why not stop worrying about what might happen when you make a bad decision, rather worry about what you would miss out on if you don’t make a decision ASAP ..The funny but not soooo funny situation is when we know what decisions we are to make but we pretend like we do not(this is sooo ME) so we keep parabolating like we are not sure..Mehn this Sucks!!( pardon me) I personally wish we could skip this part of pretending not to know when we do because I’ve been there before..intact as I’m typing I am in one of those situation..But why suffer yourself instead of striking that decision and swallowing whatever it gives you as

But really let’s set our record straight.. What are we waiting for..why miss out on a  lot of things when you could easily make a might not be the best of them all but it’ll be what the try…

To be continued in the subconscious were we speak in silence

Do you want to share  any of your indecisive moment..?? Please do🙏🙏 let’s have a healthy laugh😂😂..I promise not to laugh and tell you mine..okay…Deal??                                                      

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