Errr…  I know it’s been a while since I dropped a know when you’re not in a good frame (like both mind and body) 

well that’s by the way.. I’m  sorry y’all 🙇

This post came in handy a while just really really really dig on it… It’s not much but I promise it’ll be worth the read if you’re someone who doesn’t view  things on the surface level.

Pain and change                                               Everything needs a change                                       Everyone wants a change                                           Simple as it sounds.                                                     Hard as you thread.                                                       The drastic downturn of things.                             Better imagined than experienced 


We feel the buoyant waves and stagger.                But we haven’t been drinking.                                Then we ponder.                                                          If this word change exist.                                          A bitter sweet experience.                                        Because everything goes around in circles.          With one standpoint.                                                 Like we are been punished by Karma

Therefore this change we all clamour for.             Pain is undeniable.                                                       Meditation is deemed necessary 
So for me.                                                                        Pain is good for change.                                         Because we humans don’t know how much we can offer.                                                                         Until we are pushed to our breaking point 

Bowen University.                                                         2:11pm