You are all that matters..

Ermmm well I’m bored BTW but “,Johnny drille” is onnnn  yaaaaaay.  Lol

Okay back to business

I know y’all might be wondering why this, but don’t you guys ever  wonder why certain things don’t work out as planned…because I do. I mean; we try so hard to make it work because we feel it matters a lot to us and at the end all we get is a blow..

So you should know I thought about this deeply before letting y’all know.

We humans make a lot of mistakes while trying to set our priorities right.. We feel the need to be appealing to everyone we come across.. I made that mistake sometime ago…  I tried to impress  a lot of people by pretending to be what I wasn’t not until I almost lost everything and everyone I loved including myself. It took a long time to realise that the need for social acceptance or rather to be socially accepted wasn’t necessary. Being popular doesn’t define you, rather its the people’s definition  of you. To most people when asked to give a scale of preference on the things that mattered/bothered them, things like “I need to make it up to Jesse, I need to get this weaves off, I need this shoes, Oh! Jay and I don’t talk anymore and so on” like seriously??  Who cares??  

The worse thing that could ever happen to you is losing yourself while trying to gain someone else        

How long will I take you to mention yourself??                                                               

There are a million things to worry about than that friend who ain’t talking to you or the shoes you couldn’t get and the dumb ass fellow you’re planning to make it up too. Majority of the things or people we think that matter a lot do not…TRUST ME😂

However instead of worrying about things that deduct/subtract from us we should worry about things like:

* being able to find matching socks.   

*making trouble without getting found out

*going to a mall and trying out all those cute dresses feeling like you own them

*eating a bowl of ice cream

*putting your head in the sink with water in it

* sleeping a whole day

*the next time you get to ear a free meal

When will you learn that you matter most because “you are all that matters” 
You can’t mean a lot to someone if you don’t mean a lot to you👐

Everything begins with you( love,happiness, sadnesses, pain,joy).                                                            You should come first.                                                         You make or destroy yourself, yourself                           Make the right choice

So take a deep breath and tell yourself “I am all that matters”

Well if you won’t tell yourself.. your choice

Hey GreyArts.. I am all that matters

See, I just told myself💪

Thank you for reading

Bowen University female hostel



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