We were young and full of life

There was something at the end

Something shinning for us just like the stars

Though you never thought we could change things

If I had to choose the same again

It will be you…

This is how you remind me of who I really am

It’s not like you were so real

I’ve been wrong, down, low

But I’ve had my highs as well…

A mile away…did you ever miss me

No words…No calls

Is there any room left in your heart for me

Lately I’ve done so much thinking

Would I ever be first ?

Here me Now

Reaching out to let you know

Cause I have faith in you

Stronger and bigger than my fears…

Actions were despicable

Feelings thought were changeable

Every step you took slow

Cherished every moment so low

Now all I get is a blow

The rhythm of my heart turning slow

Wished I never heard that sound

Then I wouldn’t have turned around

For you everything I bought

So lost I thought I was been sought

Mistakes I thought we fought

Came running Dow

So intense we love in this drought


Cause I believe in you and I

And I know rumours fly

So close your eyes

Let me take you high

To the sky

Nobody displeases

Not even when they sigh…

Thank you for reading

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Bowen University female hostel



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