This is It📝

Heyy guys, December finally came through..I can’t even begin to explain how happy i am..My favourite time of the year. I wish it came earlier tho..Two months in school and it feels like a year already😑. I can’t wait to run home This is it guys, Let’s take it back to January. Let’s talk about… Read More This is It📝

What I’ve been Up to Lately🔑 ||September

Currently listening to “Call the Man by Celine Dion” I’m sorry…I’m sorry😭😭😭😭 That’s the only way i can probably start this post..I’m sorry for disappearing on y’all like that ..You didn’t deserve it, Plus i missed this space so muchhhh. I guess I’m probably settling into Adult life and learning how to keep my life… Read More What I’ve been Up to Lately🔑 ||September


The feeling that comes with the weekend.. Hey guys..I’m really excited today..I can perceive food…Yaay…I 💙 the biggest news is “TODAY IS MOMMA’S BIRTHDAY” and I’m super happy because she is the love of my life..I could go on saying so much but Enough said!! Wait a sec guys..did i tell you i am… Read More MY STRONG 10


Ayy…Hello People..Missed me?? I bet you did..I’m so sorry for disapperaing on y’all without a notice, It’s just that a lot has being going on lately…I’m not going to bore you with the shenanigans we humans display on a regular…Anyways you forgive me right ?? Of course you should #BFFs. Todays post wasn’t written by… Read More LOVE..

Who said Purple wasn’t the *New Black ” #WCW Keke Palmer

Today’s post is something different from the regular..its more of an Appreciation post which I think I need to do more often. I find it really interesting and easy to write about people who inspire and motivate me. Because writing has become a little difficult these days😑😞 (I don’t know why) So Keke Palmer is… Read More Who said Purple wasn’t the *New Black ” #WCW Keke Palmer


Errr…  I know it’s been a while since I dropped a know when you’re not in a good frame (like both mind and body)  well that’s by the way.. I’m  sorry y’all 🙇 This post came in handy a while just really really really dig on it… It’s not much but I promise… Read More PAIN & CHANGE